Friday, July 18, 2008

The perfect office process

Since we moved into our current house, I have had storage problems. Despite the fact that the new place is more than 200 sq. feet bigger, and our garage is bigger, we've lost the awesome storage that we had at the old house.

We are planning to install some storage, it just hasn't happened. It's been a busy year.


My big problem is my office. Because I'm having to keep all of my stash in the house (as opposed to putting most of it in the garage, and some in my office), my office looks like storage at an LYS. Not aesthetic, not tidy, not conducive to any sort of creative thought or activity.

So, I've been hunting for the perfect storage solution, the perfect shelves. I found them, but the unit is going to hang 6" over the window, so, for the last six months, I've been looking for something "better". After six months, I have decided that I can cope with a 6" overhang. It looks like this:


I ordered the unit from IKEA, purveyor of fine Swedish furniture, and they're going to deliver it next week. This coincides with Andrew taking some time off of work to decompress and get a few things done. I would have built it myself, but the unit is like 7 1/2 feet tall and made of solid, heavy, wood.

(For the readers who haven't met me in person, I am NOT 7 1/2 feet tall.)

Ideally, I would have "before" and "after" pictures, but I think that I need a fisheye lens to adequately represent the disaster zone that is my office. But my camera is not an SLR, and I can't add awesome lenses to it. (When Gretchen comes over to play Wii, I'll likely ask her to take a few shots of the improved office.)

This way, the shelves are wide enough for both the storage containers I want for my UFOs, and the bags I store my roving in. This also creates a place for my tools, which makes me incredibly happy.

The Agreement I've made with Tika can only help with the office tidy-ing, since roving will be condensed to yarn, and yarn will be turned into garments. Ideally.

Also, I'd like to share some good news: Andrew has gotten a promotion! You may now refer to me as "Mrs. HR Consultant Level 3".


  1. I told SSara that it's okay to buy yarn instead of clothing, because it's actually protoclothing. And I'm tempted by your shelves as well; I wonder if they would fit well in my TV room. Hmmmm.

    I resisted the yarn store today, even though my mom was in town. Be proud. :)


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