Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It’s not easy being beautiful

There’s a saying in Farsi, “Kill me, but make me beautiful.”

If you’ve ever suffered blisters at the hand [foot?] of a pair of fierce shoes, burned yourself with a curling iron (or hair chemicals), or squeezed yourself into a pair of Spanx, you might be Persian. Welcome to the club!

It’s the most succinct saying describing what some of us elect to do to ourselves in the name of beauty. I’m not complaining- I’m just setting up the cultural groundwork for you.

Last week, my highlights DESPERATELY needed redo-ing. Given that I got my last set of highlights done exactly a month before, I was feeling a little on the cheap side.

(Suzi is a very talented stylist, but I have a wool auction I want to go to in three weeks. I saved at least one fleece’s worth of cash by doing this at home.)

Mom and I sat in the bathroom and used one of those “do your own highlights at home” kits. They work SUPER well.

If you’re a knitter/crocheter, they work even better for larger streaks if you use a size G crochet hook, rather than the A or B that it comes with (but you need to pre-punch the oh-so stylish bonnet). Many hands make quick work, and the chemicals were applied.

Given my naturally VERY dark hair, and considering that my hair is possessed, chemicals usually need extra time to set. So, one full episode of the Tudors later, I hopped in the shower to get the chemicals out.

The color was SHOCKING. Very blonde. I looked a bit like Cruella de Ville, but the next night we had planned to apply the pink. I was brushing my hair, and you could hear it cracking a breaking in bits. Yikes!


When we applied the pink, it took SUPER well. Like electric pink. So, Mom and I have decided to give the overall-highlights a break for a while, and just do the roots when they grow out.

But it looks wicked cool. I’m just saying.

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  1. I can't believe all these detailed description and no pictures. What a tease!


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