Sunday, July 13, 2008

Look! Over there!

This weekend, with Andrew's blessing, I set up the Wii. (Normally, I don't wait for his blessing to do anything, but since this is an "us" gift, I wanted to make sure it wouldn't upset him if I got everything set up.)

It turns out that I get my competitiveness from Mom. We played Wii tennis until I got a little achy. That woman can TALK TRASH. (I couldn't be prouder. :) )


You don't want to read the blog today. You want to go over and listen to the podcast- we interview Franklin Habit.

I love, love, love him. Listen to the show and read his blog. You will too.

Here's the picture Rachel got of me at the 1000 Knitter's shoot:

1K knitters shoot

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