Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Margaritas are the new Prozac

I’d like to thank everyone who offered me emotional support the last few days. Rachel pinged me yesterday and determined that margaritas were a necessity, so on my way home, Andrew dropped me off at Chevy’s to meet her.

We ended up there during happy hour (woo! $3 margaritas!), and it was a very happy hour. We drank, discussed gender politics in the workplace, and ate pub grub.

After one margarita, I felt better. After the second, I felt AWESOME. I went home, sat at the spinning wheel for a while, and slept like a rock.

Today is looking much better. Thanks for sharing the love.


  1. Rachel is a true friend.

    Next time remember to include me too, please!

  2. It could be argued that Lexapro is the new Prozac, but it still sucks. (Ask me about my nightmares sometime.) Go Wellbutrin!!

  3. That was fun. We need to do that every so often. And how very intellectual of us to discuss gender politics in the workplace. You'd almost think I was mature...


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