Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lust in my heart

That’s right. I have lust in my heart. It’s for the Sunrise Circle jacket, and after seeing it on Patricia, I must knit one. I’m hoping that an interesting construction will trump my sleeve issues.

It’s easily done out of stash yarn- I’m debating between Malacrack- I mean, Malabrigo, or one of the colors of Cascade 220 that I’ve been hoarding. Decisions, decisions.

Patricia promises me that it’s a quick knit- a week, two tops, she says. Be still my heart, I love fast knits. It’s my inner floozy. Ok, maybe not inner floozy. In my magic shoes, I’m overtly floozy-esque. But I digress.

The lust. It is strong.

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  1. I promise it is a quick knit, but I'd pick Malacrack over Cascade 220 --personally. I'd knit it with something that feels good in the fingers because you won't put it down for a week straight.

    Oh, the back is the boring bit -- do it first, it doesn't take long, but is the most boring part.


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