Monday, March 17, 2008

Mama said there’d be days like this

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Not unmanageable, but I’m starting to get burned out, and a little crazy. Example:

I had an appointment set for March 7th, but Dr. B was sick. I rescheduled for (I thought) the following week. The 21st. On the 14th, I arrived in my FIERCE shoes. I stand in the check-in line, only to realize that I am a week early.

Fortunately, when brains fail me, I have my looks to fall back on. I called Andrew as I walked back to my car.

J: Tell me I am unusually beautiful today.

A: Of course you are.

J: I have to be having a pretty day.

A: Not so smart today?

J: Nope.

A: Okay. Have fun at knitting.

When I arrived at Purlescence, I sat down to cast on my newest lace shawl, and had to do it twice. Obviously, counting to 67 was too much for me. I completed the first repeat successfully, and went home before I caused any additional havoc.

Fast forward to this morning.

I came into work to find my cube in a state of disarray. I keep my cube pretty tidy, and I like my things set up a certain way. When I get set up to boot up my machine, I find my lamps unplugged, my dock not connected, and my stereo headphones broken with a note.

I’m normally a pretty cool cucumber. I call telecom (as I was instructed to on the note), and explain that these were not cheap, company issue headphones, they were my spendy personal ones- and they would need to be replaced, stat.

While I’m waiting for them to think up a solution, I start plugging in my lamps. I clipped my finger on a piece of metal, and don’t realize that I’m bleeding everywhere- until I looked down. I get everything cleaned up and connected.

I have a bulb burned out. Great. No big, we have more bulbs at home.

My headphones have been discontinued, so I’m going to have to find some “equivalent” ones. Ok, I have the internets at my disposal.

I hope Andrew meets me at the door with something strong.


  1. If he doesn't, come over. I have a pitcher full o' Sangria.

  2. We can arrange for other libations if necessary! If you end up at Rachel's, call me...

  3. As if anything doesn't make your day all better than your 'strong' hubby meeting you at the door.


  4. That happens to me quite often, particularly during certain weeks in my cycle....LOL! I can totally relate to the Drs. appt. mix-ups. I call them my TS2K days (Too Stupid To Knit). Those would be days where I stand in front of hubby and appear to be playing charades when I say, "Where's know...the, um...???" (and point as though clicking the remote) because I can't remember simple vocabulary??


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