Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes you just have to suck it up

I won't lie to you.

I'm officially bitter about not going to Rhinebeck. (This would be a side effect of reading all the knit/spinning bloggers who are posting about it.) I know, deciding to buy the new house was the better choice. Better? Yes. More fun? No.

I don't like making choices. It's true; given a choice between two desserts, I'm most likely to order both, buy both blouses, or two fleeces. I especially don't like making responsible choices that will directly impact my future.

I know that I don't need any more roving or yarn. I know. But I waaaaaant more.

Temptation has been waving it's nasty little self under my nose: Crown Mountain has their new colors up, and there are like 20 that I desperately want. (Let's do the math, folks: 20 x 19 = 380.) That's not happening for a while.

To be fair, at the pace I'm spinning the stuff, one bump has taken me close to three weeks of nightly spinning. That's the downside of spinning it at a sub-fingering weight, but it SOOOOO pretty that way. It's also not the only roving I own- though, I technically have MUCH less roving than yarn. You know, since roving turns INTO yarn, it's all a destructive cycle, but I digress.

I could, forseeably, spin all the roving I have in the next year, barring new roving/wool purchases. At one point, during what I like to refer to as Jasmin's Spinning Resurgence, I really did run out of roving, and Mom brought me a box of roving that she had bought more than TEN years ago. I plowed through some of that, but I still have about 2 lbs of that left.

Being a grown-up totally sucks sometimes. So does logic.

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