Saturday, October 6, 2007

Promises, Promises

Things I will post:

-Pictures of dyeing day. You can read reviews at Patricia's and Rachel's blogs. The whole thing was a blur of discolored hands and beautiful yarn. The occasional threat of an ass-kicking may have also happened.

-Pictures of myself at the corset party. (Also, if you read this and you don't mind pictures of yourself being posted here on the very public internet, drop me an e-mail.)

-Spinning stuff. I have been spinning VERY VERY fine singles, and 3-plying them into a light fingering-weight. I have finished spinning and plying Crown Mountain's "Big Yellow Taxi", and I am working on "Wild Thing".

Things I will update:

Links. The links in the sidebar are to people and blogs that I like, but like me, my friends are slackers and never update. In their defense, they all have lives.

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