Friday, October 5, 2007

I *heart* Math!

It's true. Despite what I thought in high school, I'm pretty good at math. I discovered this when I was doing my internship at XRX three years ago- I was working on Module Magic, and actually REMEMBERED how to calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle (as well as a number of other geometric formulae).

I know a lot of women have "math phobias" or "math blocks", and I get it. From seventh grade through college, I thought I wasn't good at math. I got good grades, but I didn't *get* it, you know? Knitting is why I'm math confident. Since I've started using math in terms of knitting, I can do unit conversions in my head (usually), and can usually get a realistic grasp on a number of other things.

So, now I want to knit the Tilted Duster, and I had a (potentially) wicked awesome idea, involving math. I'll talk about it more if the math works in my favor.

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