Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Setting in the Shower

(or Obsession is Normal, Part Deux)

I have a system. I can spin about 2 ounces per night (after working late, of course) and ply about 4 ounces per night. Once the yarn is plied, it goes directly onto my swift so that I can measure the yardage and prep it to be set.

I hang it on a clothes hanger in the shower, get it nice and wet, and weigh in down with a partially filled (with water) milk jug. I admire it while I shower. We share a special moment.

I let it hang in the shower enclosure, dripping dry overnight, and twist it into a hank once it is dry. From there, I leave it somewhere noticeable so that every time I walk by, I can admire it.

It's like yarn narcissism, except for the whole staring at it so long that I starve to death.

Pictures to be posted soon.

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