Monday, November 27, 2006

If I Smell Like Almonds, Please Don’t Lick Me

Once a month, the dogs get Advantage-d and Interceptor-ed. We do this mid-week and before bed so that we (and our guests) don't pet all of the Advantage off of them.

The funny thing about the Advantage is that it has the distinct smell of Almonds. Seriously. Oh, and you're not supposed to ingest it, dog or person, so if you get it on your hands, you're supposed to wash them relatively soon thereafter.

The Advantage usually is absorbed into their fur/skin in about 24 hours, so in those 24 hours, we do a lot of tummy scratching and face/ear/chest petting.

I like to snuggle with the dogs on the floor. I did this during lunch, and Elphie curled up right against me. Very sweet, right?

As I was driving back to work, I noticed that my sweater smelled … like almonds.

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