Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Criminal [Red Dragon] Minds

I love Criminal Minds. I do. I love Mandy Patinkin, and Matthew Gray Gubler, and I especially love the bad writing. It's a sick thing, how much I enjoy how poor the writing is.

So, I'm watching the show, and there was some egregious plagiarism as well as some major incongruity with previous episodes.

The first was that they RIPPED OFF Red Dragon. Now, if this hadn't been a major motion picture as WELL as the first book in the "Silence of the Lambs" series, I would have let it go. Mainly because people don't read- but they DO watch movies. The method of the two murderers communicating was pulled right out of the book/movie and they were practically WORD FOR WORD copies. But don't sue, them Thomas Harris, I love this show as much as it hurts me.

Also, since when is Dr. Reid qualified for psycholinguistics? The guy misuses words ALL THE TIME ( One example: "There is no betwixt."). It's cute, 'cause he's all geeky (and I love the geeky), but seriously- put down the thesaurus, writers. Just because Word says that it's a synonym doesn't mean the usage is exactly the same.

Just a sidenote: what is up with the Elle knockoff they've added onto the team?? It's all under the guise of nepotism, but seriously. Elle had some balls, and I don't see that in... whatever her name is. Everything I've read, as well as my personal opinion is to get rid of the blond admin/press secretary/what's-her-job? Hi, JJ, what EXACTLY do you contribute to the team? Coffee?

I would volunteer to write or act on the show (I could be the ass-kicking agent who corrects word misuse, and beats up the bad guys) but you read what I write, and my acting isn't much better. In my defense, I look great in a tie and would never look like a wimp holding a gun. I could also make up the necessary "wisecracking" contingent that seems to be required on these shows. I can pun, too, if you're into the CSI version of "the wisecrack".

No? I won't quit my day job in the meantime.

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