Saturday, October 28, 2006

Obsession is Normal, Right?

Hi, my name is Jasmin and I'm a spinning addict.

I'm not saying that knitting isn't soothing, or that I've abandoned my knitting completely, but working 10+ hour days on a keyboard makes my hands hurt in a way that knitting just aggravates it more.

Andrew fixed up my wheel a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised and how soothing spinning is. Seriously, I've always known that it is relaxing, but here is my empirical evidence that it really works:

Before spinning: Waking up multiple times during the night, blood sugar crash at 2AM because I'm crazy stressed out.

After spinning: Sleeping like a baby. Dreams about the oncologist from House.

Science doesn't lie, people.

I spun up the two bumps of roving I got from Serendipity Fibers at Maryland Sheep & Wool (2006), and was amazed at how much grass matter there was in them. When I started spinning them, I assumed it was because of my own carelessness and the very out-doorsy nature of the festival, but the bumps were wound very tightly, and I still found tons of yuck in the very center of the bump.

It was washed, but there was still a significant amount of lanolin left in the roving- which is okay with me, because I like to spin "in the grease" (because I am a gross and disgusting person, after all), but the grass matter was way more than I would have liked.

After I spun those up, Andrew ordered me a bump of roving from Crown Mountain Farms. I love them. It came promptly, the bump weighed what it should, and was HEAVEN to spin and ply. The colorway is called "Love Me Tender" and, for comparison's sake, a before and after picture:



It also turned out very pretty, despite my fear that my spinning (which I'll admit is elementary at BEST) was going to make it look like [Ally's words] "Yarn vomit."

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