Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Real Moms

I seem to be fixated on this idea of "real". You know, like being a "real" GrownUp. Recently, the new obsession is with being a Real MomTM.

Don't confuse being a Real MomTM with being a Mom. Moms love, nurture, comfort, and parent. Real MomsTM (by my standard) are the Moms that cook, bake, play, and create. I knit, yes, and I have (FINALLY) finished a few sweaters for Genevieve.

But Real Moms, they sew. And now, Real MomsTM, I AM ONE OF YOU!!!

I used McCalls 8574
Last year my friend, Marvelous Maribel, was destashing a HUGE amount of beautiful knit fabric, and bequeathed it upon me- with the proviso that I started sewing.

My initial attempts were on a Singer Touch and Sew (which Elaine, the Singer Fairy, referred to as a Singer Yank and Curse) were ... not great. But a sewing machine is a sewing machine right?


The Yank-and-Curse was miserable to work with. It would jam. The slidy part over the bobbin had lost the latch, so that would come off and take forever to reseat. Mom offered to let me use one of her machines, but I'll be honest, I was so frustrated that - while I said it would be fine - my heart said, "Just forget about it."

Fast forward to Abby selling me Bernadette (my beautiful Bernina 910), and (later) the serger Andrew bought me for Mother's Day. It's amazing what having good equipment will do for you. (Also, let the record reflect that a serger isn't the same as getting a vacuum cleaner for mother's day.)

I have been assembly-line sewing nighties for Genevieve and it brings me immeasurable joy. Not only did we need more nighties for her, but these are easy to get on and off of her, and the lighter weight nighties are perfect for the warmish weather we have been having.

Dandelion nightie
Oh, Envelope neckline! How I do adore you.

It could be mathematical in nature:

[Someone you grew] + [something you made] = Happiness

Pardon me; I'm off to sew (more) for my baby.


  1. So cute! when my daughter was a baby I sewed many cute things for her, for the boys, not so much : / You are right, good equipment makes all the difference.

  2. She is adorable in her nighties and I agree with you, there is nothing like good tools, whether it be a sewing machine, serger, kitchenaid mixer and yes, even a vaccuum cleaner.

  3. Love it! Great post! And she is just too precious in her momma made nighties!

  4. How absolutely adorable. And yes, the equipment matters sooooo much. As does the quality of fabric you're using. Getting a serger for Mother's Day is AWESOME and absolutely nothing like getting a vacuum, I know.

    I'm glad you're sewing. I know you've wanted to for a while. Have a blast! :D

  5. My opinion for what it's artist is only as good as her tools. Congratulations on earning your Real Mom badge!!

  6. That child of yours is so dang cute !!!!!

  7. Oh she is such a gorgeous girl! Isnt it great when they wear your handmade creations. I used to sew the double fabric pants where you could turn them inside out and have basically a new pair in different fabric to wear. Sadly when she got older she didnt like wearing handmade clothes anymore. It seems like you have your mother's natural gift to sew too.

  8. I think it's time for the Knitmores to review some sewing books! I have a feeling you'd like Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee.

  9. Ever since I read this post months ago, I just can't get it out of my head. I don't want to fuel the mommy wars here, but working moms are real moms (TM) too! Between working, washing diapers, making baby food, shopping, etc. there just isn't time for handmade clothes, but I'm working so that my child will be provided with clothes at all. Something about this whole "real moms" idea really hurts.


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