Monday, June 25, 2012

A matched set

This last Saturday was all about Big and Little. (Which totally reminds me of Grover Monster's Near and Far bit.)
I'll admit it. I am a HUGE fan of matching stuff. When KidBrother Sam and I were little, Mom used to make us matching outfits. If Mom sewed me a dress, she sewed a matching one for my stuffed pig, Perfect. I LOVED it.

So, I'm knitting a few matching mother-daughter sweaters for Genevieve and me, starting with the Garter Yoke Cardigan, out of my handspun:

Also, matching dimples.
I loved knitting these sweaters. I think I might make matching ones in another color, once she outgrows this one. (That should be in about 12 minutes, for the record.) The thing I may love best (about the sweaters) is that my buttons are the same as the ones on Genevieve's sweater- except that mine are a little bigger.


You may have noticed that she's wearing a hook bracelet. In Andrew's family, there is a tradition that when you go to St. Croix (and everyone does, eventually), you get a hook bracelet. Hook bracelets are worn at all significant family functions.

You can imagine how charmed and delighted I was when we opened a gift from Andrew's Uncle Ted (and family), and it was the tiniest hook bracelet you've ever seen. Given how big Andrew's hook bracelet is, I found it even more adorable, and an incredibly thoughtful gift.

The Biggest and Littlest

When I was taking these pictures, I also noticed that Genevieve's outfit has a crab on the butt, and Andrew is wearing one of his Portland, ME lobster shirts. Total coincidence.

(Yes, I know that crabs and lobsters are totally different, but you see how they're *kind of* the same, too, right?)

Peas in a pod.
Down to our accessories, we're a matched set.


  1. Awesome. I adore the photos. :)

  2. So so cute. As a mum of twins I'm not sure about matching outfits. E. & M. got the same dresses for christmas the last 2 years but other than that.... I think, it's a bit too much dressing identical twins in matching outfits on a daily basis (you have to answer the questions, if they are twins like 120 times a week, so making it "less" obvious is good and in the end they are 2 different people.... but Mum and daughter wearing the same cardigan: superb!)

  3. Matching sweaters. I love it! Suddenly, I'm feeling the urge for my girls to have Acer Cardigans! (With any luck, I'll be finishing mine before the summer ends.)

  4. Awe!! Love the matching cardigans!!! I have wanted to do the same for CGR and I! So cute! And that bracelet is adorable!

  5. This post made me smile so much. You and your family are adorable! You make me rethink my own childhood of being forced to wear clothes that matched with my little sister (and matching clothes for our dolls). I didn't like it much because I wanted to be unique and I didn't want her copying me. Now, of course, I look at those pictures and think we were SO cute, but at the time, I was furious.

  6. I also love how Andrew's shirt is the exact same color as Genevieve's outfit, along with the whole crab/lobster thing going on! Beautiful family, my friend-absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I love the cardigans! Genevieve looks beautiful in that color of blue! I went out to ravelry to save the patterns as soon as I saw your post. thank you for sharing!

  8. Love the post, love the cardigans, love the bracelets, love the pictures!


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