Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Carcharias, canines, cuteness

Genevieve is teething.


Does it remind anyone else of this?

(Photographic dramatization)

Oh, good.

But seriously, wow. Teeth! They're so exciting, and there is nothing cuter than a lopsided, toothy grin, but, sweet mother of purl, my poor kid.

She's chewing on everything she can get her little hands on- especially Andrew's fingers, which - per my tech support buddy - DaddyFingers were both his kids' (and his grandkids') chewie of choice. (My poor computer has been having some real issues. My tech support buddy and I have gotten very close, if you couldn't tell.) I even polled Facebook for teething comfort measures.

We've tried frozen washcloths, we've tried classic teething rings, we've tried the teething bonbon (which we refer to as Genevieve's chilly bone), and we've tried green onions - which were a BRILLIANT suggestion from one of Genevieve's knitting aunties. (The green onions worked remarkably well, but WOW, a baby with onion breath is nothing short of shocking.)

I'm still nursing, and nursing a tiny shark teething baby is an interesting proposition. Whenever I have a question about anything boob-related, I turn to my breastfeeding bible. (Out of perverse fascination alone, I read the bit about nursing teething babies a long time ago, both there and in The Baby Book.)

Fortunately - and I have a hard time tying "fortunately" to the whole concept of being bitten - Genevieve did most of her biting before the tooth erupted. She would clamp down on me (usually) if my gaze had wandered anywhere but her charming maybe-green-maybe-brown eyes. So we used the same trick (training?) that we used when Niki went through his mouthy phase all those years ago.

[The trick, in case you're curious: immediately after a bite, break the latch, hold baby away from boob for 10-15 seconds, then offer the boob again. Three bites and baby gets handed to someone without The Boobs.]

She's been a little fussy - but, wouldn't you be? I remember when my wisdom teeth made their presence known, and WOW. Uncomfortable. 

I sewed the blanket she's laying on!

If only my mother had thought to swaddle my 16-year-old self, we might have all been a little more cheerful.


  1. My oldest boy started teething at 4 months - that was fun! When he was older I gave him frozen slices/sticks of blueberry bagels, worked great. Cold and dense with a sweet reward.

  2. Hey Jasmin....there is a great homeopathic remedy for teething: Calms Forte by Hyland. Any good health food store should have some. Believe me it really works...especially for the crankiness. Good Luck

  3. The first time they bite (or the whatever time at this point) the second they do so, yell NO! and grab them away at arm's length.

    You will have one very stunned, then shrieking baby to comfort. And they won't do it again.

    (Took me till the second kid to figure this one out.)

  4. My mom used salt-free hard Bavarian-style pretzels as teething chews for my little brother, when she could keep me from eating them.

  5. I remember those days! My teeny sharks liked the Razbaby Razberry Silicon teether thingy. Good luck with the toothies!

  6. Oh yes I do remember when my daughter was teething, and she used to get 2 teeth at a time. She also lost 2 teeth at the same time as she got older. I used to give her ice blocks to suck on when it was hot weather which used to sort of numb the gums. Hope you find a solution for her.

  7. Teething.... oh that time was aweful at least for the first 4 teeth each and then it got a lot easier and it was "whoops, there's another one". Here in Germany homeopathy is very well known for helping with teething children or better with the mood of the children (since it's the whole-body-mind philosphy that is behind it). I tried it when the twins started to teeth and it worked great (since they refused anything to chew on except for carrots and then they couldn't swallow those and threw up, so I gave up on the chewing stuff). As per recommendation of my traditional healer I gave the kids Pulsatilla C30 when they were whiny but would calm down as soon they were in my arm and Chamomilla C30 when they were whiny and had to be carried around.

  8. As I've said before Teething is just terrible!!! TERRIBLE! here's hoping for some relief!

  9. La leche league really helps. I was able to nurse both my sons teeth and all, for quite a bit longer, with their advice and support.

  10. I cried when my son got his first tooth. I loved those big gummy smiles!

  11. Oh dear, I feel badly for you having to deal with the teething thing, but I have to say, those first two photos are hilarious! I think I snorted tea out my nose when I first saw them. Hang in there. ;)

  12. My mother swears frozen bagels were the best when I was teething, partially because she didn't have to worry about anything if they thawed.

    I think she was just setting me up to want to live in New York.

  13. My husbands parents are french and they used to rub liquor on his gums with their finger (i think it was the turkish version of Uzo) and my mom used frozen bagels, frozen ego waffles and these gerber cookies that we called poopie cookies bc they smeared everywhere after being gummed to death, but worked - they were gerber biter biscuits - they are stick shaped and brownish in color - they taste good for grownups too :)

  14. The story goes my grandmother gave me her homemade dill pickles to chew on when teething. My littlest started teething at 3 months and now will have 8 by the time he is 8 months in a couple weeks (yikes!). Poor guy, we can't give him fingers to naw on anymore though. Our best bets have been chew rings (not to unlike your baby chewie), cool washcloths, and baby numzit (well our term for the numbing gel). Good luck, they eventually get them in and there is relief.


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