Friday, October 21, 2011

Dessert first

When last I left you, amazing readers, you were staring at a pot of poison green, turned emerald green wool.

Apple Green Malabrigo, mmmmm!

Apple Green + Blue dye = Emerald green
Remember? Good.

I refused to be deterred by a little thing like the color not being exactly right, and instead took Judith MacKenzie's advice on overdyeing, which is to keep dyeing until you get a color you like. This is what I ended up with:

Yes, they are drying in the back of my car.

Much better. Since the skeins were still damp when we started our adventures yesterday, I set up them up to dry and utilized the back of my hatchback in a way I'm *relatively* certain the manufacturers didn't intend. Added bonus: my car smelled delightfully like wool all day.

Our adventures ended up at Purlescence, where many of our adventures end, and after socializing for a bit, one of the skeins was dry enough to wind and cast on:

This is the most color accurate photo of the yarn. Coastal Knits in the background.

It's not navy, but I LOVE it. I got my sweater started, and I'm not *quite* at the "coasting" portion (get it? COASTING!!!!) of the sweater, but I am enjoying knitting it more than it should really be legal to enjoy knitting anything.

Especially since there are three sweaters waiting in limbo for finishing touches on my dining room table. There's nothing like having dessert first.


  1. I really love how your dyeing went Jasmin! Your yarn is beautiful! Malabrigo is so wonderful - you and your Mom turned me on to it, and I am eternally grateful. Speaking of which - thanks for introducing me to "Coastal Knits" too! I'm ordering it in just a minute! ;-)

    Take care - be well!


  2. What a neat dyeing adventure. I have never tried that myself. Great idea!

  3. That is going to be one GORGE sweater! Love the dye results! Can't wait to see how this it turns out! Vive le Malabrigo!

  4. Awesome colors! And I'm ready to join in the Coastal Knits fun...just ordered the book.


  5. Lovely dye job! I can tell you are ridiculously excited about this project. I can't wait to read about your progress!

    I'm planning on dying yarn for the first time around Thanksgiving- I'll be using the oh-so-luxurious kool aid method though. Hopefully, it'll eventually become my second ever adult sweater.

  6. With yarn that appealing, the knitting should go particularly quickly. Nice job!


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