Tuesday, October 18, 2011

99 days

Today, we hit 99 days to SharkBean's due date. At this point, the calendar is getting progressively busier (classes, appointments, and oh yeah, the holidays), and this whole we're-having-a-baby thing? That is getting really real.

I know. You'd think ultrasounds, the elastic-waisted pants, and the merciless kicking would have been what made it "really real", but no. SharkBean's furniture arrived this weekend (crib and dressers), and that's when it got Real.

The crib has been built. We’re calling our AMAZING electrician to install a few lights (and a dimmer switch) this week. She is officially a real person, with a real room, real furniture, and her own dimmer switch.

That's when the crazy kicked in. We're going to be parents. We're going to be 100% responsible for someone else. Everything is going to change, we just don't know how. We just know that everything is going to change.

I vacillate between being really, really excited to meet SharkBean, and being COMPLETELY terrified that we will make All of the Wrong Decisions and we'll end up on Maury Povich. Which I don't watch. (Anymore.)

We haven't been documenting The Bump as diligently as we should, but I mostly blame that on the fact that I tend to sport the Cryptkeeper look on the weekends, unless we have plans. (I'm also usually the one who takes the pictures.)

Picture one, not as the Cryptkeeper:

18 weeks, 1 day. Spike heels worn only for this photo.

A Cryptkeeper Sunday, complete with stylin' headband:
24 weeks, profile

24 weeks, from the front

The other thing I'm finding strange is the kicking. Does kicking mean she likes something, or she *doesn't* like something? USE YOUR WORDS, SHARKBEAN!


I'm supposed to be talking to her, but what do you discuss with a developing baby? I figure she can listen in on conversations I have with the dogs about the importance of being neighborly, discussions I have with Mom about knitting, and all of the peaceful natural birth stories I was reading out loud to Andrew from Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Natural Childbirth. (I hope if nothing else, this last one sticks with her.)

In any case, she has her whole life ahead of her for one-sided lectures. For now, I hope to provide interesting material for her to eavesdrop on.


  1. Kicking means you have an energetic baby. My first was "rowing" and turned out steady and dependable. My second was playing lacrosse!! She is a power to be reckoned with and is a kick ass knitter.

  2. Yep, right on schedule, 99 days, panic sets in. When does it go away? Yeah, I wish I knew. My youngest is 5. You guys are going to be awesome parents. And you are going to be the best mom ever.

  3. You look great! I haven't taken any belly pics just but I know that is something I need to get busy with.

  4. Hi,

    I am an avid listener of your podcast and a recent reader of your blog. I am also the mother of 2 "kids" in their 30s but I still remember all the fears you have shared.

    Just remember, while you have never been a mother before, she has never had a mother before - you are both new to this. :-) Also the fact you are worrying about all this stuff means you will probably be a GREAT mother. So many mothers don't give a second thought to their kids - they are not good mothers. Besides you have the example of a GREAT mother to pattern yourself after. So don't sweat it. You are golden.

    And you are sooo right. Your life will be changing massively soon - and forever. You are a mom forever - even when they are in their 30s. :-)

    In fact, my mom lives with me - she is 85 - and she is STILL a mom to me at 64! Much to my frustration sometimes.

    But I wouldn't have changed a moment of it. It is the best job there is - making and raising happy, productive, normal human beings. It is my best achievement.

    Gosh, I never left a comment on your blog before and now I have left a book! sorry

    Don't worry, it will be hard at times, and joyful at others and you will "Ace It" - because that is who you are!! I am very happy for you.

    Thanks for the pod cast. I love hearing you and your mom.

    Done now! :-) Slipping back into obscurity!!

    Retired Knitter
    Elaine Shanks

  5. You made me smile this morning, thank you. The kicking can mean both like and dislike, and this is when it is sill simple.


  6. You look so pretty pregnant! OMG
    Love the short hair...
    I have 3 kids and the middle 1 kicked like crazy. (no sleep)He is now in football wresteling etc very active. Loves people and can talk your head off. But even at 13 when he is asleep I fall in love all over again.. Talithia

  7. Just remember, sleep when she sleeps, and it will be all good. Everything else...the cleaning, the laundry, and even the knitting (gasp!) will wait...make sure you sleep when she sleeps during that first few weeks anyway. You'll do great!

  8. Jasmin, you look beautiful!! Please tell me where you found that t-shirt! I've seen some with BUMP on them, but WIP is perfect for us knitters!
    Sound like you guys are going to be great parents. Enjoy every moment!

  9. What to say to her? All I can do is repeat the line from "Three Men and a Baby": "It doesn't matter what you say, it's the tone you use!"

    Looking great. That panic is totally normal and, frankly, I think a good thing. If you weren't worried about being a good parent, you probably wouldn't be one.

  10. You look utterly adorable in those photos!

    I'm sure you'll be a great mom, you have an awesome one to model off of.

    Also, your reference to the Crypt Keeper made my day. My parents are of the "decorate ridiculous amounts for holidays" variety. Their oldest decoration that still gets pulled out every year is a five foot Crypt Keeper who scared the living hell out of me as a child. My grandmother used to say that he was going to be her next husband. I assure you, there is no way you could be as disgusting looking as him.

  11. I will trade you those heels for some yarn!

  12. Oh you look so cute Jasmin. Kicking a lot usually means an active baby. My daughter was like that, and now she is 10 she is still very active. I used to sit and knit and listen to music which used to make her kick more, and now she loves to dance and sing all around the house all the time which makes her happy!

  13. You look wonderful! Simply beautiful!

  14. Oh, you look so cute!!! I love these pictures!


  15. You look gorgeous, Jasmin. I'm a lurker but I wanted to comment on how much I think you're glowing.


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