Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caution: Open Windows

Andrew and I ended up at Gordon Biersch for dinner tonight. We got
seated up front, by the windows, and I was feeling pretty good about
that because I'm not dressed in my finest clothes.

I went to put my purse on the windowsill, and, as it started to fall
out the window, I realized that there was only sill and no window.
Clearly, given where we were seated and my diminished capacity, this
is officially declared a Pretty Day.

If it had just been us, I might not have cared, but the excited
utterance ("oh! There's no window here!") alerted the waitress to my
incredible powers of observation.

(PS, we highly recommend the seasonal beer, but beware of open


  1. Oops! The beer and the yarn look yummy, though--and hope you got your purse back!


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