Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am not smart enough

Things I am not smart enough to do before I have had my coffee:

1- Find my french press, despite that it is always in the drying rack.
2- Recognize my disassembled french press.
3- Reassemble the french press, without tears. ("Why can't I do this?!")


  1. I reconnect all the bits and pieces the night before.

  2. I was just thinking this morning how annoying it is that I have to wash the coffee pot before I make coffee in the morning. Sure, I could wash it the night before, but that's like, s PLANNING or something, and that's hard. :P

  3. This is why I make cold-press coffee. It keeps for 6+ weeks in the fridge, although mine never seems to last that long. :P

  4. And that is why I drink tea. :) Though, you can screw that up to--turns out it helps to add the teabag to the water, and also, tea that's been brewing for three hours because you forgot about it? Not so tasty.


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