Thursday, December 4, 2008

A conversation from the couch

Me: Who's that guy with the iconic family pictures? Ansel Adams?
Andrew: I don't know.
Me: [Look it up online.] No. Totally wrong.
Andrew: Jackson Pollock?
Me: No. He's the guy who has the paintings that look like vomit. [Huff] Jackson Pollock.
Me: [Continue to search, and think about TV dialog.] NORMAN ROCKWELL!
Andrew: Yeah, that's him.


  1. "Paintings that look like vomit" - I love it!

    I wish it was at a good locale! It's back where I grew up, in North Dakota! If it was near a city or a great vacation site, I wouldn't have so much of a problem. However, since I would essentially be in the middle of nowhere, I'm not quite so willing.

    BTW, have I told you that I am a HUGE fan of your podcast? :P You and your mom are fantastic to listen to. Keep up the good work!

  2. Did you hear that loud guffaw?! That was me. The daughter of the modern art dealer. Oh. My. Goodness. Norman Rockwell ohmygoodness. Which, in a freudian slip, I typed the first time as, no joke, Normal Rockwell.


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