Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doing some good, company style.

This year, our Christmas gift from work is $50 to our favorite charity. I'm torn between Doctors Without Borders and amFAR.

Since Stephanie has done SO MUCH for DWB, as have many of our podcast listeners, I'm leaning a bit towards amFAR. But, like I said, I'm torn.

Could you lend a girl a hand? I'd like to donate on 1/5/09. Help me choose!


  1. According to my friends in the medical and research industry, AIDS research is ridiculously well-funded. In addition (according to said friends), while HIV is clearly a disease that needs to have a cure, it's been reduced to a (mostly) livable, long-term illness instead of the rapid killer of the last few decades. With that in mind, I think donating to DWB would be more helpful and appropriate because it focuses on many illnesses and situations that AIDS research doesn't cover.

  2. Personally I'd go for American Humane or Heiffer International.

  3. I'll second the Heifer International recommendation. For example, you could give a share of a Knitting Basket for $50. The online gift catalog can be viewed at:


  4. I like AmFAR, DWB, and Heifer. Could you give a little to everyone?

  5. I know that this isn't in the mix, yet, but the emergency pantry or soup kitchen that serves your own neighborhood could use a boost. If you aren't sure where or who, go to and plug in your zip code.

  6. Heifer International is high on my personal list.


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