Monday, September 8, 2008

There has been knitting

Despite the incredible lack of photographical evidence to the contrary, there has been knitting. And spinning. But no photographs.

The camera is fine. The lighting is fine- and the natural light has been fantastic, too. Somehow, every time I start to get things together to take pictures, something distracts me. By the time I remember, it's 11PM and I'm in bed.

I cast on a fabulous sweater- the Henley Perfected. I didn't like the look of it in the magazine, but I saw this one, and was immediately inspired. Keeping with the Social Pressure Experiment, I dug through my stash and selected some Silky Wool that I bought on our honeymoon.

Andrew later pointed out that once I finish knitting up all the yarn I bought on the honeymoon, we would have to go on another to replenish that specific part of the stash. I suggested Boston for the next one.

As far as spinning is concerned, I've been plowing through the Crown Mountain stash. I LOVE spinning their superwash. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I need to write up a review for Shakespeare Santa Cruz's production of "Burn This". It seems that when I'm disappointed by a show, I'm not so quick to write a review. I think it's because I need to formulate what I disliked about the show. Also, I hate writing bad theater reviews.

Mom and I will be going to the California Wool and Fiber Festival in Boonville, CA this Friday and Saturday. It should be awesome.

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  1. Definitely come to Boston. It's beautiful, the people are fun (if not warm), there's lots to do, and LOTS of yarn stores, including but not limited to WEBS (which really is incredible.)


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