Friday, September 19, 2008

Adventures in Pink Hair: Part Two

I was in Campbell, between work and a pedicure, and this Starbucks has free Wi-Fi and a veritable parade of unusually attractive people who come through between 3PM and 5PM. I parked on the street, and walked down to the Evil Empire to work for a bit beforehand.

Now, I worked in Campbell for close to eight years. I've never been particularly subtle, but with the pink hair, it seems I'm much more visible.

The line was a bit longer than usual, which was fine, and the guy in front of me turns to me and says, "I saw you pull into the spot, and your license plate frame says '[insert appropriate Hanna Barbera cartoon character here]'. I don't think you're old enough to know who that is."

Ok, the first part of this is that I was a little freaked out that he WATCHED ME park, observed my license plate, and had thought about it all enough to formulate an opening line.

My answer?

"I'm a big fan of the classics."

I sat down to work, and he sat down next to me (the first of his group of friends), and asked if he could take the spare chair (of course), and then said "Thanks [Hanna Barbera cartoon character]."


  1. What's it to him anyway?

    I'm 29.. not sure of your age, but I definitely watched the Hanna Barbera stuff.

  2. That's sort of creepy. But maybe he's just observant like that.


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