Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oooh... pretty colors...

First, I would like to say how surprised I am to find out that I'm not alone in my heresy. Everyone made me feel much better about (what I felt) was speaking against popular opinion. You guys ROCK!

I've been talking about how much I've been spinning. I mentioned how I'm a mad scientist with a need for bright colors.

I present, the fruits of my labors:

Roving Rainbow

I love how cheerful it is. There will be purple in the rainbow, but my attempt at purple failed. See:

Failed Purple

Not quite purple enough to fit the rest of my theme. I'm not saying that I don't like it; it just isn't the right purple for my day-glo rainbow.

I had a couple of things in my stash that fit the need for "bright and cheerful" while I was dyeing up my 1980s childhood masterpiece.

First was "I Feel Free" from Crown Mountain Farms:

I feel Free

I Feel Free - CU

It's not a color I would normally pick for myself, but I think this is going to grow up to be a pair of Mad Color Weave Socks.

I'm finding myself drawn to the more monochromatic roving in my stash, which is unusual for me. I'm a high-contrast, multi-colored kind of girl. It seems that I like to knit plain, monochromatic yarns rather than the stuff that really appeals to me as a spinner. It's a process of finding a happy medium.


  1. The roving looks wonderful!!! I'm actually hoping to get some dying done soon. Need to pick up some more fiber!! Hope you are doing well!


  2. Could you overdye the purple to be darker? If you still don't like it, you know how to reach me!

  3. Next Time you decide to dye let me know . I can send you some professinal dyes that are Neon Colors. I use them on my line of yarns. Tabitha Yummee Yarn


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