Sunday, June 3, 2007

Veni, Vidi, Vino

… or Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery

The Scene: A winery in Livermore
The People: Spinners and a few vendors
The Wine: A Sauvignon Blanc
The Chicken:

Yes, someone brought their chicken.

Erica, Mom and I loaded up Morocco Mole (my Prius, sidekick to Andrew's Secret Squirrel) and drove to the Retzlaff Winery. Now, whenever I plan a Minion event, I add a "time buffer". Whenever there are more people/children, more chitchatting goes on, getting people loaded up and coffee-d takes longer.

I was shocked to find that with three people- no time buffer is really necessary.

At the winery, we saw Morgaine and Lann from Carolina Homespun with their table of temptation. Morgaine had been kind enough to bring my order (and Colleen's), and I limited my purchases to * just * my order- and two small impulse buys.

A SpindleWood Co drop spindle (Flamewood, 25g):

A WPI tool and a mini niddy noddy:

[I love purple heart wood.]

Mom insisted that we look around (there were * maybe * a dozen vendors), and that was when I met Carlos- a gunmetal colored Lincoln/Corriedale fleece.

I have a terrible track record with fleeces. I don't like cleaning them, I don't like carding, and I really don't like combing them. Historically (read: "Before Morgaine told me about fleece processing people."), they would go in the tub and either felt, or get washed, I would card some of it, lose interest, and it would languish, somewhere. I bought a fleece with crimp like an anemone and it languished, somewhat felted. I was heartbroken.

When there wasn't time to wash a fleece, it would languish out of sight in the garage. I told Andrew, "I will never bring home another fleece! If I buy another one, I'll find someone to process it and hand it directly over." He agreed that this was a good idea.

So there was Carlos. I walked past this fleece three times. The last time, I fondled some of it, and stood there, seriously considering it. I told the woman that I wanted to purchase Carlos, and she said, "Cash or check."

Crap. Carlos was a little over $80, and I had * maybe * $60 in my wallet. No checks.

Mom pulls cash out of her wallet and pays the woman. Mom is the person who has been following me around squawking, "No more wool! I want babies!" Carlos is that good.

Fortunately, Shari from Morrow Fleece Works was there. I walked Carlos directly over and handed him over to her care. He should be at the Shanty by the end of July.

After the purchasing was complete, I set up the Victoria, and we wandered over to get some wine. The wine pourer was (no joke) a FIREMAN. Now, if you're a long-time reader, you know how I love the firemen. I especially love firemen who pour wine and agree to pose with my sock:

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