Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dogs, Dreams and Babies

I dreamt last night that we had four dogs. When I sat down on the floor to play with them, somehow, they turned into small children. Toddling, talking and articulate children.

I was overwhelmed, the whole time. How do you get four kids on one lap? Simultaneously read four bedtime stories? I was overextended.

Every time that I have too much going on in my life- I have a baby dream. I have had dreams where someone hands me a screaming baby and runs away, dreams where I have a dozen new infants in my care and not enough car seats or food for them.

This is the first time where they haven't been squalling infants, or where it was manageable, but hard.

I know what it all seems to represent: responsibility. People handing me babies and running away is when people dump unwanted responsibility on me, having too many kids in my care represents having too much on my plate. It's all very clear symbolism.

So this? No big. It's going to be hard, but manageable.

But just for safety, I'm not fostering any dogs for the time being.

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