Friday, June 1, 2007

Folly, Thy Name is Shawl

Remember how I said, cockily, that I was blasting through the Print O' The Wave? Remember how I said that I was trying to be careful not to jinx my mojo with claims of ease and speed?

My knitting karma caught up with me. Like a freakin' bullet train. I started the edging.

So, just for your mathematic edification, it's two rows of lace for every edge stitch picked up, except for the corners, where it is 4 rows of lace for every edge stitch.

So, she has you pick up 240 stitches along each long edge, and 80 stitches on each short edge. That ends up being 640 stitches. Now, double that (1280) and divide it by 16. You end up with 80 repeats of the edging lace. Granted, it's only 17-21 stitches per row, but still. Eighty.

It took me (pretty much) forever to hit the "halfway" point on the first long edge, and turning that first corner was rewarding, but not in the almost-at-the-finish-line kind of way that I had hoped. Now, it is rewarding watching the shawl go from octopus-looking thing (bunched up and sack-like) to the superhero cape/ keffiyeh, but the rewards aren't as instantaneous as I thought they would be.

The worst part of it is that this is for the August wedding. Not the July wedding. I have barely cast on the July wedding shawl.

And it has "nupps". I'm hosed.

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