Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am on FIRE!

I finished another pair of socks last night; woo! I'm also finishing another pair of Andrew's South Dakota socks, Regia Ringel Color #5072. It's pretty old, so no link for the color.

Andrew finished untangling the mess that Elphie made of my next pair of Regia Jubillee sock yarn, so those will go on the needles tonight. I feel very accomplished. I'm not quite through all of the Jubliee that I bought, but at this rate, I will be soon! (Remember, faithful readers, that I bought every color in the line.)

In other news

Last week we had to put Macy to sleep. She was very old, and when Sam woke up Thursday morning, he found her having difficulty breathing and walking. Mom decided after taking her to the vet that Macy wouldn't linger, and Mom preferred that she pass naturally at home with those who loved her. When I arrived after work, at 5:15, Macy was struggling and unhappy, so we elected to put her to sleep to alleviate her suffering. Macy was almost four years old, the oldest rat we've ever had.

Macy's Story

We adopted Macy on August 6th, 2004 from The Silicon Valley Humane Society. We had gone earlier in the week to meet a dog, and Mom saw Macy in her little cage. Finally, on Friday, Mom insisted that I go back, meet, and adopt Macy if she was social and friendly.

She totally was. She was snuggly, and cute, and super affectionate, from the beginning. I was against adopting such an old rat (she was roughly 2 1/2 years old when we adopted her- at the end of a normal rat life span), since we had decided as a family that we were no longer going to have rats, since they don't live very long and leave holes in our hearts with every death. But Mom insisted, so Macy came home with us.

Macy wasn't social with the other rats, but she loved us. She loved to be cuddled, explore, and eat people food. Macy liked going to the vet, and at the vet's, everyone loved her. Macy's charm and adorable looks helped her scam lunches off of the vet staff- who would keep her longer so they could play.

Macy was arguably the cutest rat we've ever had; she was a blue-hooded rat with dumbo ears and a cateract in her right eye. She was indiscriminately affectionate, and so loved. We celebrate having been able to cherish her for the time that we had her.

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