Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Better baby dreams

The other night I had a dream that I had a baby. And that I was an actress. And that I was living in the dorm at Mills again. Strange stuff.

It was a handsome little boy, no name. Blue-green eyes, chubby arms and legs. He was very good natured, liked to be held. Good thing: I had no inclination to kill this child.

Went to Yoshi's last night, Arturo Sandoval was supposed to be there, but the hurricane kept him stranded in Miami until tonight's 10PM show. I had tekka maki and tempura last night. And this morning, I had food poisoning. Sonofabitch.

I had to send Andrew to work to pick up my notes so that I could continue working on the website between running to the bathroom to greet last night's dinner. Hopefully working on the website at home will count as telecommuting and they won't try to hose me out of one of my five sick days per year. Because I certainly DID work on the website.

It was a yucky day. I didn't get around to brushing my teeth until 3PM. Sat around in my pjs all day, working on the website until I got tired, then went and laid down again.

I enjoy commentary by the writers of television shows. Andrew and I started watching the CSI's with the commentary on after we watched the episodes for the first time. Unfortunately, the actors aren't nearly as smart as the characters they play, which is disappointing on a number of levels. I know they're actors but it's easier to think that people are somewhat like the characters they play. At least for me.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, Halloween in my Christmas. I have two costumes, pictures to be posted once they're, you know, taken.

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