Monday, October 3, 2005

Cashmere... ooooh

On Thursday, Mom went to Costco to purchase Diana Gabaldon's new book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which they had for $15.

While she was there, Mom found cashmere turtleneck sweaters for $60 each. She called me and asked what colors I wanted, so she listed off what they had, and I got all of them. These are great sweaters, all in colors that look great on me. There is slight shaping, but they are super awesome.

In the UFO bin was Katie's scarf. Katie is the greatest real estate agent EVER. Seriously. So that's live and going now, after it's brief hiatus in the UFO bin while we moved. Teal cashmere.... ooooh.


Last night I taught my niece Hannah how to knit. She had gone to a birthday party, and the goodie bag had needles and yarn, and she was DYING to learn to knit. She called our house at 8AM on Saturday morning and expressed her interest in starting right away, so we established that she had fuzzy yarn and regular needles. We decided that Sunday was a better day to learn, since she had soccer during the day and we had Grace's birthday dinner.

I get there, only to realize that they had given her size 4 (US) needles and fuzzy yarn (which I had brought some nice, plain, Cascade 220 for her to get started on.

What kind of idiot starts beginners on size 4 needles? Even moreso- what kind of idiot starts a child on needles that won't show ANY progress?! Needless to say, I put Hannah on a set of my circulars, and we learned. Next week, she gets her very own grown-up needles and can fly on her own.

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