Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Nice cookies."

I've had hellish allergies since Wednesday; I woke up and thought I had the flu. My head was congested, I was sneezing all over the place, and I had a terrible hacking cough. The only thing was that my body didn't ache; the misery was confined to my head.

I've never really had allergy issues in California; even when I was in South Dakota, I lost my voice and sneezed (sinus issues). That was easily resolved with the Allegra that Andrew had the foresight to pack for me.

Ok, so what? I take a Benadryl, and still can't sleep. This has NEVER happened to me before. Benadryl knocks me flat normally. I tried Allegra, and there was slight relief, but still misery. At Grace's suggestion, I try Claritin, which TOTALLY worked. I'm feeling almost completely better, but still coughing.

There is a point to this, really, stay with me. We had a day of errands, which included meeting the people who sold us their house. When you're feeling really crappy but need to make a good impression, what do you do? Wear something modest and makeup so that you don't look like the corpse that you feel like.

One of our errands was to drop off Cynthia's Aussie cookies (which are AWESOME, they have them at Starbucks, but sell them for way less at Costco), but she was at Baycon. No big, I wasn't planning to go, and with the way I was feeling it was a definite no-go. Last year, I decided that since I did not get my Gopher refund (which I was told that I would, but whatever), I refuse to pay to be ogled by desperate and horny men with no regular personal hygiene schedule. I know, picky, picky. Pesky standards.

As i walk into the lobby of the Doubletree, some fool says to me (while looking at my chest), "Nice cookies."

Ah yes, this is why I decided not to come, I think to myself, delivering the cookies to Cynthia and seeing David and Jason along the way, and slogging my way back to the car.

We met the family that we bought the house from (they were super-nice), and they liked us. Woo for good impressions! They might be out early (moved Thursday and Friday), so they said that they'd let us know if we could get in early (which would be AWESOME).

Plan for tonight? Bonfire at the Shanty, in the backyard (we have a fire pit and backyard available).

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