Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Front-loading versus top loading washers

Since we're moving into a new house, even though we got the washer/dryer with it, I want to get a new one. Now, for most people a washer is a washer is a washer. Not so; knitting my own sweaters (that are handwash only), I need a few more options. It's especially convenient because when I finish pieces for other people, then often require washing and blocking.

So, Andrew and I looked at washers and dryers and found some rather interesting information. Front loading washers last as long as dryers.

Which brings me to this observation: Have you noticed that houses tend to have new-ish washers and ancient dryers? My parents still have the original dryer that came with the house that we moved into in 1988. Who knows how old the thing is (although, it is 60's green).

More later, the puppy moves in June 12th. We're thinking Lucy for the name.

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