Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More than just a vacuum

Since I've been married, what has been considered exciting has shifted considerably. Andrew and I had a very exciting evening planned: we were going to buy our vacuum cleaner. Our first; a Dyson 14 with the animal hair attachment.

We had seen the Dyson at Bed, Bath and Beyond (at a competitive price). All of our friends and family began looking frantically for the coupon that they send out every few weeks, promising 20% off of one, regularly-priced item.

I'm chatting with Joey on AIM, and Joey finds his coupon. Woo! Vacuum for 20% off! (Which came to about $110 in savings.) To thank Joey, I asked him what he wants for dinner, and he says "A Polish sausage from Costco." The guy saves us $110 bucks and wants a $1.50 sausage?

"Are you sure?" I ask, to which he replies "Yes."

We walk over to the Costco window, which is shutting down and they're no longer serving.

"Do you want to go to Happy Hound?" I ask, then we drive to Happy Hound, which had closed 5 minutes before.

"How about KFC?" ding-ding-ding! We had a winner! Finally a place that was open and acceptable. We had a great time, and made sure to thank Joey profusely. Not exciting, but we were pretty happy.

Savings on a vacuum: $110
Dinner at KFC: $14
Running around looking for food after 9PM in order to thank a friend: Priceless.

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