Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Sound of silence

Today, for 20 blissful minutes, I drank a hot cup of coffee, I knit on my cashmere cowl, I ate Swiss chocolate, and I watched Outlander. All by myself.

It was bliss. 


  1. That. Sounds. Amazing. Good on you. Now we just need to get that up to a good hour, right?

  2. Whew! A lot of things had to come together to make that 20 minutes! I know from experience that coffee doesn't usually stay hot long enough for me to make the kids quiet (or gone), get a show going on the screen, chocolate (untouched by young hands) at my side AND knitting in my hands. May the memory of that bliss carry you through many a toddler/baby meltdown. With much love,

  3. i'm in the UK so can't get an Amazon US link but i can recommend the book "5 Minutes Peace" by Jill Murphy. it was one i always loved to read to my 4 children (youngest about to turn 30 - eeeeek!) in hopes that they would get the hint, especially during the clingy-toddler stage when just getting to the bathroom alone was an achievement.


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