Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A little negotiation

Genevieve has started negotiating. I know it's an important part of her development, and a big part of growing her own sense of agency.


She's also four years old, which makes these negotiations more than a little entertaining.

For example, today:

Genevieve: I would like a television in my room.

Me: You can have one when you're 20.

Genevieve: How about when I'm 80?

Me: OK. I will put it on the list for your 80th birthday.

Genevieve: I would also like a remote control, and I would like you to make me a Cinderella dress, glass shoes, and a crown.

Me: I will put all of those on your 80th birthday list.

**Her ACTUAL fourth birthday cake, which is a story all in itself.

... And maybe a princess cake, too. 


  1. I used to say to my son "someday", until the time he responded with "but someday is such a long, long time!"

  2. When my grandson was 3-4 years old, my daughter and I would make our weekly trip to Target, and he would throw a tantrum in the aisle when we would tell him "no, you cannot have another Hot Wheels car" (he already had a collection of.... ohhhh several hundred?). One day, my daughter told him "next time", and all of a sudden the screaming stopped, the water faucet turned off, and he said "ok, next time?" This actually worked until he figured out he wasn't going to get a toy every time we went to the store just because he threw a fit. To this day, my daughter and I chuckle over it and ask ourselves if he ever wondered when "next time" was coming. That's not to say that grandma didn't cave in once in a while and surprise him with something when he wasn't looking. :)


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