Sunday, June 9, 2013

Toddler telephone

Genevieve is going through a helpful phase. She wants to do what we're doing, and more than anything, she wants to be helpful. I hope this phase lasts FOREVER, because as her skills develop, I am LOVING having her as my right-hand Mouse.

Right now, Genevieve loves to take things off of shelves and counters and put them away. (Thank goodness one of us does.) The first time she did this, we discovered an excellent game.

"Can you go and get Daddy?"
She pulled a protein shake out of the box in the kitchen, and Andrew asked her to bring it to me (in the bedroom). Genevieve toddled it over to me, handed it over, and awaited her next set of instructions. I handed her *something* (probably an empty protein shake bottle) and asked her to please, take this to Daddy.

Back and forth and back and forth, the patter of enthusiastic toddler steps was sweet music echoing throughout the house. The sound of happy toddler feet is like no other; it's my third favorite toddler sound, after her laugh and her voice.
It doesn't matter what she's relaying, Genevieve LOVES this game. We call it "toddler telephone"- where we send her with an item (or a task, like bringing someone to the dinner table), and she's off on a mission.

Most recently, I was looking for something in my office, and handed her paper to take to [her] Grandma to put in the recycling bin, one piece at a time. The more paper I sent with her, the more enthusiastic she was about relaying the delivery.

It's a great way of keeping her busy AND getting things done, albeit slowly. Tiny feet take little steps, and learning takes time. We are more than happy to oblige her, because we're investing in all of our futures.

She is learning how to work with the rest of her family towards a larger goal; how to sort, how to follow directions, and she gets the satisfaction of a job well done. She also gets her wiggles out, which is a win all around.

And someday, when she has kids of her own, she'll appreciate the genius. And hopefully pass it on.


  1. "We are more than happy to oblige her, because we're investing in all of our futures." So well phrased! Sharing the life of a toddler is such a fantastic experience.

  2. Oh, gosh, she looks so big in these photos!

  3. She is too cute!!! I absolutely loved the "helpful" phase with my two oldest kids...right now my one year-old is just barely learning the "Take this to _____" game.

  4. When my older kids were this age, my daughter loved to put the toys away. She would sometimes distract her twin brother (who wanted as many toys surrounding him as possible) by handing him a desired toy then taking two or more to put away.

    It was great entertainment for the rest of us and kept the mess created by two toddlers somewhat under control.

  5. Not an electric telephone obviously, but a true "phone" designed to transmit sounds over distances, created in South America before the era of European contact. Smithsonian has the story:mypbx


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