Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finding the joy

We have reached the point in Genevieve's development where things that were part of our established routine (getting in the car seat, the high chair, having a diaper changed) no longer go smoothly in our previously well-practiced routine.

We still have good days, where she's cooperative, cheerful and a complete joy to be around.

Snuggling and watching Sesame Street while I lean on an ice pack.
And then there are days like today, where she's testing boundaries. It is incredibly challenging; balancing being firm with kindness and empathy. Most of all, trying to model good problem-solving and patience without losing my temper.

I take a lot of deep breaths, but I'm not perfect. I can tell you about the guilt I have, because I'm not what I think a perfect mom should be- far from it, but that's not helpful.

I realized that it's days like today, where you have to consciously, mindfully, stop, breathe, and find the joy in the moment.

Where you let go of the bad feelings, let the sun shine on your face, and take in your toddler twirling in the driveway. Listen to her delighted shrieks when you unload the groceries like a dinosaur. (This involves a lot of roaring.)

Make faces into the camera, because she thinks it's funny. Watch her do her crazy toddler run and make the Hamburglar noise.

Tight hugs because she loves being squished a little. Attack kisses during a game of peek-a-boo.

It's all there. The good with the bad. It's just that - upon reflection - there are so many good moments that they deserve to outshine the bad. They've earned it.


  1. When things go south in your routine, be prepared for a leap in growth in one direction or another. Mental or physical, there will be a change in her behavior. Usually, you discover this in the hardest way possible! At least, if you're prepared for it, you've got the head start you need.

    Remember the fun, funny, giggly moments, not how hard parenting is! There will always be both in your relationship with your child, but it's much more rewarding to hug!

  2. Very poetic!! I hope I have that patience when I have kids!! And I appreciate the silliness!!! My mom did that for us and i'll do it for mine!!! Suh good memories!!

  3. Cuddos to you for seeing the sunshine on a cloudy day. I used to question myself a lot too after reading books on parenting. Best thing I did was stop reading books on parenting and go by what my heart told me to do (plus I do talk to my mum and my sister a lot ;) ) Made life SO much better for me, no ├╝berhigh expectations. My girls a happy and I do my best to be a loving Mum, even if I'm just human on most days!

  4. Gosh you sure are right about that! The good does outweigh the bad but I do understand how bad "bad" can be some days. There's a reason everyone says parenting is challenging. But getting through those challenging moments and onto great moments is so rewarding! You are such a great mom! Remember that - no mom is perfect and really I don't think anyone should be.


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