Thursday, May 2, 2013

Splish splash

Last year, when the CA Lottery hit a major high, I told Andrew to buy a ticket.

"Who knows?" I said, "We could win some money. Please buy a ticket on your way home."

And wouldn't you know it, while we didn't win the big pot, we won a little money. I didn't write about it, or talk about it because I didn't want anyone to think that winning the lottery had changed us.

I promise, it hasn't.

It has been scorchingly hot for a few weeks, so I made a proclaimation that it was time to put in a pool. As these projects sometimes go, I misjudged the cost scope of the pool, but that's because Mom thought we should go bigger, and she - like always - was right.

We only won $7, guys. We bought this pool
The installation was fairly straightforward and quick, and the smell of it offgassing curing reminded me of my childhood. It smelled like floaties and fun.

I put a couple of inches of water in it, while Mom got Genevieve into her adorable swim diaper, and then we let loose with the squirting bath toys.

There was splashing. There was squirting. There was laughter.

Swim diaper!
And Genevieve had fun, too.


  1. Oh, you really had me believing you'd won millions there for a minute! LOL
    I love the bootie shot with the adorable swim diaper!


  2. My favorite home movie is of my daughter when she was about 2, running in the sprinkler in the yard. Pre-swim diaper days (this was 35+ yrs ago), her diaper got waterlogged and finally fell off. So, there's my cutie girl gleefully scampering in the sprinkler, in the buff--priceless!


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