Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That? That?

Every day is a new adventure with Genevieve, and I love it. I think I've declared that I love every phase THE BEST, but really (with the exception of the teething misery), *this* is where the fun really starts.

Genevieve has started talking with some regularity, and is starting to master communicating with us effectively. I've already talked about her incredible passive language skills, but this is both fun and funny. She has discovered that she has a magic finger.

With only a point of her magic finger, she can convince a table full of adults to all share their water with her. To endlessly put labels on objects. And in my father's case, get him to hand over *his* father's watch.

(To be fair, I'm pretty sure if she asked for a kidney, a lung, or his heart, he'd give it to her just as willingly. GrandpaDahling loves her *just* a little bit.)

The same little hand possesses the power to grab a grownup (of her choosing) and tow them down the street. While pointing at objects and demanding labels. I stick to simple labels, "tree, bush, flower, car, van, house". Andrew is more precise "oak tree, succulent, poppy, roses, Jeep". And my parents are doing it, too. Just not in English.

Mom, with her wealth of wisdom and experience, suggested that I ask her to repeat the words. I get "tss" for "kiss", "ahpoo" for "shampoo" , "ack" for snack, and "ock" for "Spock". (We have Star Trek drinking glasses. We are awesome.) The list goes on and on, and every little peep from her is a little more communication, another little window into her busy little world.

We ask questions, we get head nods, "Yeah" and multilingual "no"s. She understands body language, and now kisses boo-boos without being asked. She's "rex-ing"(pretending to be a dinosaur) in her own way, and will chase us with gusto, mouth wide open in a silent roar, then squeal with delight as we run away and squeal in mock-terror.

Taking a break to ring the windchimes.
Our home is full of life, laughter, language and love. And that? Is the best.


  1. That? TV. That? TV. That? Ceiling light! That? Ceiling Light! That? Box. That? Candy. Candy goes IN the Box. (Little booty shakes)--she likes a good "In the Box" song to go with the That.

  2. Oh how I remember those magic days. Enjoy

  3. Oh so cute! and it's so important to answer every last question, even when you are worn out! Our 2-1/2 year old grandson is now into the 'why?' stage - which is also important to answer. I agree with your Mom: have Genevieve repeat what things are after you've told her! Your Mom is so very, very wise!



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