Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foggy with a chance of exhausted

The other night, I dreamt that we had another baby. Not that I was actively *having* it, but that - boom! - we had a second baby.**

I woke up, looked around, saw Genevieve, but not the other baby. I panicked.

"Andrew," I whispered, so as not to wake Genevieve, "Andrew!"

"What? Is she wet?" he asked, only partly awake.

"Where is the baby?" I asked, insistently. When he looked at Genevieve, I hissed, panicking, "The OTHER baby."

Andrew looked around, worried, then got up and started pulling the sheets off of the bed, looking for the missing baby as if it had slithered to the bottom of the bed like an errant sock.

After the bed was thoroughly checked, Andrew looked at me.

"Wait," I said, "I think we have just the one baby. We just have one baby, right?"

Andrew paused for a moment. "Yeah."

"Ok." I sighed, relieved, and we went back to bed.

Sleeping mouse
Just the one baby.
The best part of this? Genevieve stayed asleep through the WHOLE thing.

**KidBrother Sam pointed out that this would be quite a feat, considering that Genevieve just turned eight months old on Monday.


  1. Dreams when you are pregnant are strong ones. Might you need to go purchase a pregnancy test? Hmmm.....

  2. Hilarious story! When my daughter wasn't very old and she was still sleeping in our room in her cradle. We would just get her out of her cradle, feed her, then put her back to bed. One night my husband woke up panicking that he had dropped her somewhere in the bed. We were so tired that he had forgotten that he placed her back in her cradle and then had fallen back to sleep. Totally what I am saying. :)

  3. Geesh, I think it would be worse if you actually HAD found another baby, that you didn't know of before ;) (and to be honest, be happy, that there's just one yet...)

    My BIL searched for the baby on the nightstand at one night.

  4. My youngest was left in the garage once,[ she was about 5 weeks old ] in her buggy of course. I thought my husband brought her in the house and he thought I did. Well a while later
    my milk was letting down and I went to feed her and couldn't find her. I ask my husband " where did you put the baby" he said he didn't put her anywhere, where did i put her, at which point we both ran into the garage to find her screaming [ she was very hungry ]. It happens, she is now a well adjusted thriving adult !
    I didn't even have to pay any therapy for that foopa for either her or me :)

  5. This is hilarious. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That's a riot. Andrew must have laughed and laughed.

  7. Our daughter who had her daughter #3 is January (very close to your due date) is pregnant and due in April... Almost like having another baby!

    (Her girls are 7.5, 3.5, & 7.5 months. The first 3 are spaced nicely, but these last two will be close!)

    Karen in AZ (aka TetaKnits)

  8. I SO relate to this story. When our first was about 3 months old I woke my husband insisting I couldn't find the baby, all the while clutching her to my chest! Hope you are getting more sleep now. :-)


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