Monday, September 26, 2011

Smug cometh before the fall

Two weeks ago, I was telling Andrew how much I loved my iPod. It was a 2006, 5th generation video iPod (with a color screen!), it had 80G of memory, and I loved it. I also smugly declared that I had no need or desire to get a new, fancy iPod touch- unless they come out with one that has the same amount of memory as this one. (I have a lot of music. A LOT of music.)

Given that flash memory isn't quite there yet, I had been more than content with my precious iPod. Also, I told Andrew, since I take *exceedingly* good care of my stuff, I wasn't planning on replacing this iPod until the hard drive fails. Verne and I were in agreement on that one. We were smug as could be, and Verne may have thrown in a "Kids these days!" just for good measure.

The very next day, in a feat of spectacular klutziness, I managed to do a *spectacular* job dropping my iPod. I don't think I could have *thrown* it harder than it managed to drop.

No big; I've dropped it before. A few times. When I fired it up the next day, I noticed this:

Doesn't that make you sad just looking at it?

Hm. I could still *mostly* see what I was selecting, but over the next few days the screen got worse. And worse.

Still, Verne and I were intent not to replace this iPod. ("Kids these days", see above.)

With drama worthy of Sarah Bernhardt, I put my hand to my forehead and told Andrew that I would soldier on with a cracked screen.

Andrew, earning his nomination for Husband of the Year, kidnapped my ailing iPod and now, check it out:

Yes, I do have 694 podcasts episodes to listen to.

All better. Apparently, Andrew took my old iPod to go live on a farm**. Probably with LukeWarm, our old oven. Apparently, at the farm, Andrew found this little iPod who happened to need a home. You see, he's an older model, and nobody seemed to want him.

Andrew took him by his sync cable, and let the new iPod know that he'd have a long, happy life with me.

Provided that I don't drop him, that is.

** The "farm" is the Apple Repair/Replacement program, in case you're curious. Or you happened to destroy your screen, too.


  1. I had a first generation ipod until last year. I needed a new phone, bought the iphone 3 and the next week my old 'brick' gave up the ghost. Sad.
    On our unit, dropping the thermometers used to be the definitive pregnancy test. It's not you, it's the wee bump.

  2. I'm surprised the battery lasted that long. They aren't meant to go more than a couple years.

  3. I've gone through my fair share of iPods. One I filled in a week (2GB nano) and immediately upgraded to an 80GB classic, which ran great for about three years until it suddenly refused to sync and turned into a paperweight. My parents bought me a new 80GB that year, which again, ran great for 2-3 years until it mysteriously disappeared out of my the side pocket of my purse (aka a pickpocket). This was two weeks before Christmas, so after hijacking my SO's iPod for those two weeks, he managed to convince my parents to get me a new one. So now I have a 160 GB and at the rate I'm going, I may need to upgrade when Apple comes out with a bigger size!

  4. Still on my first iPod, a 3d generation Nano. 4 years and counting. Not everything I own fits on there, but I can't listen to everything at once anyway :-)

    Ok, can you beat 1052 *unlistened* podcasts in my iTunes library? ;-) (2600+ items in the podcast list)

  5. I forgot that your post reminded me of this song:

    I figured if any pregnant lady would own their smugness then you would :)


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