Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dueling haiku

In mid-May, I posted a haiku to Facebook, which prompted what can only be described as a haiku duel between KidBrother Sam and me. I've posted about how clever he is, and for some reason, I keep thinking about this exchange, which all took place over the course of a twenty minute window. 
Mostly, I'm impressed that Sam and I can argue, regardless of the format. Fun fact: as children, Mom told us we couldn't argue unless we did it in song. I attribute much of our creativity to that.
I have a long list
No desire to do it
KidBrother Sam:
Equal protection-
Circumcision paper due;
Browse reddit instead.
[Explanation: KidBrother Sam was a poli sci major. That should explain the haiku above.]
Graduation day
Approaching imminently
Get it done sooner.
KidBrother Sam:
Senioritis has
Absconded all give-a-damn
Will-power absent.
Not graduating
Means spending more time down south
I love you lil bro.


  1. You, Sam and your mother are fantastic people!! I'm so happy to call you friends.

    Seriously... most creative family EVER!

  2. I totally wanna be your friend on facebook now. hehe


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