Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A reconciliation

Once upon a time, a knitter named Jasmin knit her [then] magnum opus, and it was called "Mariah". She knitted the body in a flash, and not even the sleeves managed to slow her down:

Mariah sleeve-1
I understand your sleeve envy.

She installed the zipper all-by-herself (using the tutorial from Splityarn), and even though it was hot and humid out that day, she put it on proudly so that she could take a picture of herself in it.

I look like Mom when I make that face.

If you recall, she hated it. She sulked for a while about it, and in a fit of holy-crap-it's-early-and-yoga-starts-soon induced urgency, she grabbed Mariah to wear to class. Because that's what you do with ugly/ill-fitting clothes. You wear them to yoga.

(Can we go back to first person? This third person business is exhausting and frankly, confusing my poor, addled brain.)

So I did. I got *SO* many compliments on Mariah, it was unreal. All from non-knitters. One woman from class liked my Mariah so much that she is LEARNING TO KNIT. I'm totally serious.

I'm not normally someone who is swayed by public opinion, but when they're saying really nice things about a sweater that you created, stitch by stitch, it counts more. It just does. You could say that Mariah and I have found a place where we can cheerfully coexist. And that place is yoga.

I do need to order a better zipper, and "let" Mom help me apply it (no reflection on Caro's tutorials, more on my lack of mad zipper-installing skills). For now, this story finally found its happy ending.

Oh, also? I cut off (almost) all of my hair:

I call this "pink steel".

The whole not-bleaching-your-roots business was driving me crazy, and I've always wanted a mohawk. Suzy (my amazing stylist, since I was 6 years old) refused to give me a mohawk, because (a) I would never blow my hair out to have it be mohawk-y and spiky and (b) even if I did, the sheer WEIGHT of my hair wouldn't stand up.

This is our compromise- the curly ladyhawk. Depending on my product mojo, some days it's more hawked than others. Sometimes when you have an extreme change in your life (like perhaps, a SharkBean in progress (thanks, LizzLizzLizz), and extreme 'do usually follows suit.

Because that's how I roll.


  1. Cynthia K-R in CanadaAugust 3, 2011 at 6:28 AM

    really fabulous haircut on you! I envy you and your curls--mine is straight as a board. Lucky you!!

  2. The hair is awesome. And, the Mariah is gorgeous. Also, if the Mariah is a little bigger than you wanted, this a a good thing, because it means you will be able to wear it as "SharkBean" gets bigger.

  3. Curious. I had to do a second glance to make sure you weren't Sam in that picture, before I read.

  4. Love your new do! My crazy pregnancy imagination (or not) thinks my face is "rounder" and I need a new cut which would be more flattering. Maybe it is time for a change.

  5. Was wondering how you would handle the coloring challenges. I second the envy on the curls -- and add being able to wear short hair like that.

    Since I tend to like roomy sweaters (my '80s college days are showing), I think Mariah looks uber cozy. And, yes, all the more room for that SharkBean!

  6. That is some 'hot-licous' hair you got going

  7. I LOVE the new 'do!!!

  8. Whoo! I got a mention! I think that just made my day.

    On another note, I'm super envious of your hair cut. I have a tendency to look like a frog with short hair, so I only watch the edgy hair cuts from afar. This one looks great on you!

  9. the new do suits you:) luhcky. i'm happy that you found some happiness with mariah:) and aren't compliments on your knitting the Best?

  10. Great hair!!

    Also, the sweater, in addition to being yoga wear, will be fabulous Sharkbean Snuggling While Feeding Wear.

    You may be the only girl out there with a luxurious cashmere nursing cover/sweater...but, wow, how cool is that? The only drawback I can see if that your baby will never settle for simple mediocre :) merino sweaters after being exposed to cashmere in infancy. :)

  11. OMG, totally didnt even know it was you.....


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