Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have a very, very special houseguest visiting next week. A guest SO nice, I said "very" twice. My guest room looks like a Jasminian Devil has been let loose in it. Which is actually *exactly* what happened.

It's a very nice guest room/office/stash den; there is an EXTREMELY comfortable bed (ask Mom or Dr. Gemma), a flat monitor hooked up to a DVD player and an Apple TV, a nightstand with speakers for your iPod and a little lamp to read by. Sounds idyllic, right?

There is also A LOT of wool in there, in its various forms. Like, enough wool to realize that the outside walls of the house aren't insulated. (This is exactly why we all need a million fleeces, by the way.) Enough to get me on "My Strange Addiction", or "Hoarders Lite". (Is there a "Hoarders Lite"?) It's all special and I NEED ALL OF IT.


I stashed with a purpose. I planned for my time home as an artist. And then I promptly lost my mojo.

So, here's a little math that has become increasingly apparent to me, in the form of a word problem:

If you buy ANY yarn/wool, and don't knit (or spin), the amount of stash GROWS.

Many of you, being intelligent people are saying, "Duh. You can do math, Jasmin."

Yes. Yes I can. The problem is that in my mind, I can knit a sweater in three days and spin a sweater's worth of wool in a week."

In theory. The problem is the application. Hopefully my Very Very special houseguest will find it in her heart to forgive me. And not take photographs of the room for blackmailing purposes.


  1. Of course, the other option would be to organize said yarn, wool, fleece, etc so that it is unobtrusive to the rest of the room. I speak as one who was always just a little scared that her Grandmother's gourmet cookbook collection was going to fall on her...

    Not that I can talk. I'm still trying to get around to organizing the room in the basement that has been designated my "craft room"... ;)

  2. If you put it all in those plastic tubs, throw a couple of pretty cushions on top, you could call it "extra seating".

  3. I thought I'd found the cure for collecting when I went through my stash looking for something and discovered the joy that talked me into buying each one of (well most of) those skeins in the first place.

    Yeah, and then I promptly bought another cone from Colourmart. $15/150 g of the very finest merino, and I know, because I found some in my stash, and...

    Have fun and enjoy your visitor, and just remember: two can knit twice as fast as one.

  4. I'm insanely jealous of all of the huge stashes I see. Mine isn't quite teeny, but it would only fill one tub. I want all those choices and fibers to squeeze!

    You should convince someone to organize it so we can live vicariously through you :)

  5. I view my "stash" of artistic supplies (yea it's kinda like domestic engineer!) as a lifeboat......let me explain....It's 11:30 at night and yo just found the most beautiful pattern that you MUST caston immediately. But alas the stores are closed. AHHHHHH the stash!Crisis averted. Similarly....It's midnight and you just have to have one button for a closure. AHHHHH the button stash! See how this works?

    If it makes you feel any better the last time we moved it took one 30 foot moving truckload just to move my sewing room/supplies/tools/and yes the dreaded stashes. See you're not THAT bad!

    I absolutely love your sense of humor. Keep honing it as there are going to be times during the next 18 years that it qwill save your life. (speaking as the mother of seven I know of what I speak!) Enjoy the journey!

  6. Even though I have had to delay my visit, you make your guest room sound so nice, I might have to stay twice (as long).

    Can't wait to see you!


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