Friday, April 29, 2011

Playing with fire

Once, there was a girl named Jasmin who loved to play with fire. She told her Clever Mother that she wanted a blowtorch, but never told her Clever Mother why. She just wanted one, okay?

Since Jasmin was really a grown woman, her Clever Mother thoughtfully gave her a creme brûlée kit. Partly because Jasmin wanted a blowtorch, but mostly because her Clever Mother loved creme brûlée more than any other dessert in the world. Jasmin was thrilled by the gift of the blowtorch, but found the kit to be excessive since she had no real desire to make the creme brûlée.Then Jasmin moved. Twice.

A few years passed, and Jasmin went on a dessert bender, going through cream, flour and butter like a junkie, and decided that she would give creme brûlée a shot. The only problem was that she had no clue where the kit had gone.

Jasmin enlisted the help of the Tall Handsome Man to locate the missing brûlée kit, but their hunt was to no avail. It was 8PM, and Jasmin was bound and determined to make this creme brûlée happen. She channeled the Jasminian Devil, gutted a pantry, and there, in the furthest, darkest corner was the kit.


Jasmin, with the aid of some trusty cookbooks, got started and realized that creme brûlée is not so hard. But she lacked the correct ramekins, and the hour was late.

She improvised, with the help of her Clever Mother.

Tart dish, sent to me labeled as a pie dish. I <3 pink Pyrex.

Once the creme brûlée had set, her loving Clever Mother was eager to have a taste, so the two of them sprinkled the dish with the sugar.

Then set it on fire with the torch, nearly setting a kitchen towel on fire in the process. Jasmin learned that there are more safety mechanisms on a blowtorch than there are on a firearm.

You know you want to tap this. With a spoon.

Her Clever Mother offered to test the creme brûlée, even though it was a First Time.

She liked it!

Jasmin learned many things that day, but mostly that it's fun (and delicious!) to play with fire.

(PHEW! Third person is exhausting. Back to the usual crazy next time.)


  1. I've never had Creme Brulee, but this kinda makes me want to try it.

    Also, I sincerely envy your kitchen.

  2. And now I am seriously craving creme brulee. Yum.

  3. Third person writing may be exhausting but it's hilarious!

  4. Creme Brulee really isn't very difficult, the hardest part is taking the custard out of the oven at the proper time. That does look very mmmmmm so congrats to you Jasmine. You need to make a chocolate Creme Brulee, that is decadence. I bought a whole bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur just to make it. I do sniff the bottle now and then...can't believe I just admitted that lol.


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