Friday, January 21, 2011

To my Momsicle

Happy birthday, Mom! I'm so glad you made it.

Let's be honest, things were a little touch-and-go before your last birthday, and I'm not the only one who was worried. But we are *so* past that.

Thank you for teaching me. You've taught me all sorts of things, from how to fold an egg (which I think is still a misleading term), read, knit. You taught me how to be fabulous, by your fabulous example:


You taught me to have fun, and not take myself too seriously, and to make a face when someone points a camera at me, because our faces *won't* stick that way:

By example, again.

You taught me to always try new things:

Costello's, Sock Summit 2009
From kiwi to micro-brew, we always try three bites (or sips) of everything, and we never summarily dismiss anything as gross before really giving it a try. Especially if it's the "weird stuff". You also taught me that sometimes a recipe can't be salvaged, and getting pizza is always an option.

Mostly, you taught me to have confidence in myself. Not the "Check out these groovy hotpants!" confidence, where I automatically assume that all of my ideas are the best, but the confidence to think things through, then say, "This is what I'm going to do. Get on board or get out of my way."

You're my biggest supporter, and my favorite co-pilot on a road trip. Nobody can peel the wrapper off a burger like you can, or make the best of a gross situation.

You always go along with my crazy ideas, like when I called you in the middle of the night to tell you that we should do a podcast, and you said, "Ok... What's a podcast?"

You're the heart and the brains of the podcast. You tell everyone that you're "just the co-host", but that's totally not true. You're the talent, I just run the equipment and fill the empty spaces.

I always tell people that I have the best mom, and it's true. There are so many people who couldn't imagine living so close to their families, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere but. I'm so lucky to have a mom who loves me, and likes me as a person. I'm glad that we're friends now that I'm an adult, and that you still pull rank when I need a little motherly direction.

Happy birthday, Mom. I hope that there are whole bunch more that we can share.


  1. You totally have an awesome Mom! (and BTW you are an awesome daughter, I'm sure she would agree!) Much love to you both -

  2. Amazing! I hope I can have that kind of relationship with my daughters as they grow.

    Happy birthday!

  3. And I am honored to call you both my friends. Happy Birthday, Gigi, and congratulations on having raised such fine children! (Waving hi at Sam too.)

  4. You have an incredible relationship born from having a great mom and it shows in everything that you do. It shines off the 2 of you whenever I have had the pleasure of seeing you together! May you both share many more blessed birthdays together!

  5. Ah, Jasmin, this is sweet enough to make another mother cry! You are Gigi's best daughter!

    Enjoy celebrating another year together.

  6. This is a lovely tribute to a lovely woman. Happy Birthday Gigi and many more!

  7. Happy Birthday, Gigi! Well said Jasmin.

  8. Happy birthday to the singularly fabulous Gigi! And Jasmin, very nicely said. :)

  9. Dear Gigi and Jasmin:

    Part of the reason I love listening to your podcast is that I too had a fabulous mom who taught me to knit (left handed continental--I am right handed--that's another story). Alas, she died in 2006, but I know she would have reveled in listening to the two of you as well because of the ease of your relationship and the joy you two bring to others. Thanks for being my surrogate mom/daughter relationship.

    May your love for each other continue to knitted into the fabric of your lives for many, many more years!


  10. Gigi you are amazing, and you raised at least one amazing child too (haven't heard or met the other one). Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday Gigi! Have a great day with your family!

  12. Oh how this makes me miss my mom. That is exactly what we felt. She did not knit but loved sitting with me when I did. Talked to her twice a day if not more, she loved being a MIL and Nana.

    So glad you allow us to peak into you relationship thru the podcast, and don't forget to give that special lady a hug!

  13. I just landed on this post from clicking on a link on someone else's blog...and not a blog I even read. I miss my mother so much. She died in December 2008, and I love the post so much. I haven't listened to your fact I don't know that I really know how to listen to a podcast, but my brother does, and I'm going to find out. Hug your mother for me.

  14. I'm pretty partial to the both of you, and am so grateful for all you've introduced me to in the past year. I hope Gigi's birthday was amazing, and look forward to hearing a recap on next week's episode. Much love to you both!

  15. Thank you so much for being there! I, too miss my mother whom I lost in 1989 to brain tumors.

    You both are wonderful.

    aimless (Ravelry)

  16. What a lovely blog post. I wish Gigi a wonderful birthday too. I love her on the podcast...she is always so wise and so flipping funny! She just cracks me up. I hope the health scares are way, way behind her too. She obviously did a wonderful job of parenting.

  17. Happy Birthday Gigi! My favourite part of your podcast is how the great relationship that you two have comes through.

  18. What a beautiful tribute to your amazing Mom! I am lucky enough to have the same kind of closeness and friendship with my mom, and I try my best to not take that for granted. Belated birthday wishes to Gigi!

  19. That must be the best Happy Birthday I have ever read. So beautiful it almost made me cry.

    Nachtr├Ąglich herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch, liebe Gigi, alles Gute und ein sehr sehr langes, gesundes Leben!

  20. What wonderful and honest things to say about your mom. I, too, have an amazing mom that has taught me so much. Happy Birthday, Gigi, and many more.

  21. Any mother would treasure such a heartfelt tribute. I'm so glad to know you both through the podcast and our beloved craft.

  22. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to GiGi! I just love, love, love your podcast (never miss a week and get cranky when I have to miss listening for a day or two) and have only recently (as in last Friday) found your blog. You two are fabulous....just goes to show you what a fabulous Mom can do!
    Thanks for all you do to keep my life sunny and bright!



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