Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini and yet, mighty!

Wow, you all went nuts for the meatloaf muffins! How rude of me not to offer my blog is taste-o-vision. (Please post your taste-o-vision requests here.) What I like best about meatloaf is that it's high in protein, and even higher in deliciousness.

If you're short on time, or like your food portioned out for easy party-eating (or lunch packing), the muffins are the way to go. I'm going to steal borrow Mom's mini loaf pan and try it in that next, but I have a feeling that the muffins will win the day.

For those of you who requested the recipe (waaaaaay more than I expected) here you go:

Start with The Joy of Cooking; go buy it now if you don't already have it, and buy it locally if you can. Recycle Bookstore in Campbell is where I go for buying my cookbooks, when Laura isn't giving them to me, that is.

(Full disclosure: I'm friends with the owners, and actually helped move the Campbell location. I still pay for my books, and I would still shop there even if I didn't know and love the owners.)

I'm not going to rip off Ms. Rombauer or either of the Beckers, and if you don't already own this book, you'll be glad you got it. So, here are my changes, since learning how to cook involves changing stuff:

- Ground beef instead of the meat they suggest. (I like the texture better.) I'll also get the meatloaf meat blend from Lunardi's (pork, beef, and lamb) if I'm sure that Sam isn't eating with us because it's less expensive and there was no noticeable taste, moisture, or quality difference. (Sam doesn't do pork, for those of you who were curious.)
- I mix it all together with bare, freshly washed hands. I feel that you can better taste the love that way, and we all know that love is the secret ingredient. 
- Cupcake tin instead of greased loaf pan. I use paper liners, and an ice cream scoop to measure out the meatloaf into the cups.
- Cook time: about 25 minutes, until the middles are 160ºF (71ºC, you're welcome metric people)
- Let them rest and cool for 15 minutes (900 seconds, only because there is no metric measurement for time, and that's a shortcoming in my eyes), and enjoy. (Enjoyment is required.)
- If you're doing side dishes, start them when you pull the meatloaf out to cool. The timing will be perfect.

Last but not least, the other awesome thing about meatloaf is that it takes 10 minutes to throw together and then you have the whole time it's in the oven to knit. The bonus is the virtuous feeling you get when you know that your dinner is cooking away and you have nothing to do but wait for it to be done.

My meatloaf knitting? My cashmere Mariah:

Mariah w/pattern
Knitty, Winter 2004. My Mariah.

(Now I have a feeling that Blogger will be getting "feel-o-vision" requests. I just ask that you wash your hands first.)


  1. My foster daughter requested meatloaf for dinner (she doesn't particularly appreciate my all-vegetarian cooking, silly girl)--thanks for the reminder that Joy of Cooking (which I only recently purchased) will have a recipe for me!

  2. I will definitely have to look for this cookbook!

    Scooter and I prefer our foods a little (ok, he a lot)on the spicy side. We use a hot pepper sauce that can only be purchased in Kentucky, so we do mail order by the case. It's called Bottled Hell (it's not really) and is made with jalapeno, habanero, and cayenne pepper. They have an awesome recipe for meatloaf where you mix 1/4 part ketchup with 1/4 part hot sauce. If you like spicy, it's flippin' awesome!!!

    My mom used to make mini meatloaves for my younger sister. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I need to get a "decent" cookbook I guess (the joy of cooking is not available in Germany) with all the traditional recipes. I guess, once the kids are old enough to eat "real" solid food, there will be more meat in our diet ( I don't eat meat so it will be quiet a stretch for me but I believe that kids need meat...). I challenged myself for 2011 to try out 40 new recipes. Maybe I should look up some vegetarian alternatives to meatloaf :)

  4. I loved your comment on the lack of a metric time unit. I feel the same!

  5. You know, I am thinking that a bit of basting with Heinz 57 just before going into the oven would make these to delicious to resist. Too bad we are already having pulled pork sandwiches tonight or might have to make these.

  6. Yeah, I recently heard that we have Byzantium to thank for our bizarre 60-minutes in 24-hours day. Everybody say, "Thank you, Byzantium."

  7. I make meatloaf like this all the can even pipe mashed potatoes on top to resemble "cupcake" frosting...especially when you want children to eat meatloaf without complaining...

    P.S. I love the podcast!


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