Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tour de Fleece: Day 12

Every day when I drive home, I pass an orchard. Today, they had apricots:


(See, everyone wants one. Including Elphie.)

I love apricots. I love the flavor, I love the color, I love the texture, and I love that they're a "two-bite" fruit. When I'm looking for the flavor of summer, it's a tie between apricots and watermelon.

I was so inspired by the fresh apricots (Blenheim and ... the other kind that the orchard had), that I had to work on something apricot colored. VĂ­ola!


I knew I had something close in my stash, and as you can see, I had to cast it on RIGHT away.


Mmm... tasty yarn, tasty apricots. You'll have to excuse me, I don't want to drip on the laptop. I also need to get my full apricot fix so that I can get back to my spinning wheel. (Let's face it, other than blueberries, blue food isn't as inspiring as apricots. It's also not in season.)

Oh, and just for good measure, a glamour shot of Niki. I wouldn't want him to feel unloved:



  1. first of all, your tags for this post made me laugh out loud. i love impulse fruit buys. for me, today, it was a quart of sour cherries. and what sweet dogs/pretty sock progress. happy spinning! (you guys have been keeping me company on my tour spinning, as i've had a bunch of episodes to catch up on!)

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! I had a gorgeous blond chow, "Teddy" and I remember that he shed quite a lot. Have you spun your dogs' fiber??

  3. Let me just plant this little seed: apricot upside-down cake. There's an apricot grower's association...They have recipes on their website. It's delicious and guaranteed to go well with your knitting/spinning pursuits.

  4. Well, the apricots look delicious, and the sock is going to be gorgeous, but ahh, the puppies are my favorite part. How precious are they :)


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