Friday, July 23, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010, Day 21: Everyone loves clean laundry

Between dealing with jerky-scented packages and today, I swatched up my singles:


One is a four-ply, one is a five-ply. The four-ply matched gauge, and frankly, the math on mixing the Lorna's Laces merino and the Susan's Spinning Bunny BFL worked better for four anyway. It looks like I'll have seven or eight skeins (which translates roughly into "More than enough yardage for my cardigan").

While I'm plying, I'm using my good ergonomics skills that I learned in the inimitable Carson Demer's class. I'm not stretching every 20 minutes, but I *am* multitasking when I stretch every 52 minutes.

"Why every 52 minutes?" you might ask.

Because that is how long it takes my washer/dryer to do its thing. I saw that Stephanie has decided to shear time off her day by opting out of laundry and housework, but I have found a way to do it all. To have it all! To spin and ply like a champion, and use the laundry and housework to extend spinning time. Lest you think I have lost my mind and allowed the Donna Reed dresses,epic fake pearls, and heels-made-for-vacuuming go to my head, give me a second to explain.

So, here's how it goes:

Step 1: Start a load of laundry. Set the kitchen timer (or in my case, cell phone timer) for the length of your wash cycle.
Step 2: Spin/ply until the alarm sounds.
Step 3: Move the wash into the dryer. Move a fresh load into the washer. Reset timer.
Step 4: Spin/ply until the alarm sounds.
Step 5: Unload dryer, move wash into the dryer. (If you have more laundry, use the timer and continue the rotation.)
Step 6: While the laundry is still delightfully hot from the dryer, lay it out flat. Once the pieces have been flattened and stacked, fold, using big mock-yoga movements. (Bonus points if you put the laundry away once it's folded.)
Step 7: Spin/ply until the alarm sounds.
Repeat as necessary.

This system has served me well, no repetitive stress injuries, happy back and shoulders, and clean laundry. Because let's face it, everyone loves clean laundry:

Clean laundry


  1. What a wonderful exercise program - you could make a video!

  2. I agree, a spinning exercise video, spin, laundry, spin, a little loading of the dishwasher, spin, maybe emptying the dishwasher, spin, take out stuff for dinner, spin, etc. A lovely way to spend the day.

    AD**And although I no longer carry regular bfl. I do have black and blue fl, SW bfl on the SW page, plus bfl blended with silk which I am told is incredible for laceweight spinning.

  3. great idea!! Now if I actually wanted to do laundry instead of letting Special K do it. :)

  4. I'm happy to know I'm not the only person to time knitting/spinning by laundry. I've done this since day 1 of knitting. :-) It definitely helps with breaks.

  5. I am in love with your system! But I love just about any system, come to think of it. All broken down into beautiful numbered steps. So productive and satisfying. Well done!


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